Right here in Colorado, winter roof care isn’t one thing you may ignore. Doing so inevitably spells bother in your roof and your house, and it will increase the chance that you just’ll have to pay for some skilled assist together with your roofing within the winter, and that could possibly be expensive.

Under-freezing temperatures, snow, freezing rain, wind, and different robust climate occasions can take their toll in your roof, which is why it’s so necessary to take the correct steps to keep up your roof in winter.

Among the most dangerous winter roofing points are ice dams in your roof. Let’s dig into what an ice dam is and a few winter roofing tricks to eliminate them.

What’s an ice dam?

An ice dam is a buildup of ice alongside the sting of your roof. It occurs when water runs down your roof to your gutters after which freezes, inflicting a buildup of ice that continues to extend in measurement till it could possibly soften off.

However why does this occur? To get extra particular, ice dams happen when there’s not sufficient insulation and likewise poor air infiltration between the attic and the residing area. This causes heat air to rise and go into the attic. The nice and cozy air within the attic melts the snow on the roof deck and the melted snow begins to run off the roof. As soon as the water hits the soffit space it begins to freeze. The water freezes over the soffit as a result of the nice and cozy air that was below the roof is now not there and the chilly air below the soffit begins to freeze the melted snow.

The main explanation for ice dams is poor attic air flow, as heat air escapes your house into your attic, melting snow, and the chilly temperatures outdoors freeze the water earlier than it could possibly drain away. One other concern that creates ice dams is clogged gutters.

Ice dams aren’t solely dangerous in your gutters, however they’re dangerous in your roof and your house usually. They’ll harm shingles and loosen them, pull your gutters away, and create water leaks that may harm your house.

Ice dams can occur resulting from a number of conditions:

5 Methods to Get Rid of Ice Dams

1.    Consider and Add Insulation

An extended-term repair for stopping ice dams is so as to add extra insulation to your attic to assist stop heat air from escaping by way of it. Add extra insulation to the ground of your attic perpendicular to the present attic flooring insulation, and if doable, insulate proper below the roof in between your rafters. The insulation prevents warmth loss from the inside of your house.

2.    Consider and Enhance Air flow

A key level to recollect when contemplating ice dams is that the temperature needs to be the identical contained in the attic as it’s on the outside of the house if the attic is insulated. Good airflow from below the eaves or soffit space alongside the underside of the roof and out by way of the roof vents is crucial. The insulation prevents warmth loss from the inside of the house. The venting permits the attic air to remain chilly sufficient to stop or reduce the freeze/thaw cycle on the roof.

Place a field fan in your attic to direct cool air towards the realm the place an ice dam has fashioned. This can assist freeze the water and hold it from leaking into your own home or flowing all the way down to make the ice dam worse.

3.    Preventative Waterproofing Underlayment

In case you are constructing or re-roofing a house, a waterproofing shingle underlayment is put in below your roof shingles. It’s proof against water and is a vital line of protection towards leaks and stopping backed up water from entering into your house. Ice and Water Protect underlayment protects you from ice dams as soon as they kind.

A typical false impression is that an ice and water protector, typically known as ice and water protect, in your roof prevents ice dams. Ice and water protect isn’t made to stop ice dams. It’s used to assist cease ice and water from infiltration into the roof as soon as ice dams kind. It doesn’t stop ice dams, however reasonably protects your house from ice dams as soon as they kind.

4.    Heated Cables or Warmth Tape

One of many methods to reduce and deter ice dams is to run heated cables alongside the sting of your roof or warmth tape close to your gutters to soften the ice and forestall new dams from forming. Warmth tape is usually known as ice soften roof techniques or warmth tape gutters. You’ll want to flip it on earlier than a storm or drop in temperatures.

For those who take this method—or any method that requires you to drag out a ladder—ensure you’re exercising warning. Getting on a ladder may be very harmful, particularly in winter!

5.    Maintain Your Gutters Away from Particles

Maintain your gutters away from leaves, sticks and particles in your gutters and downspouts. This enables a transparent pathway for water to empty into your gutters and circulate by way of your downspouts. Particles can permit water to again up and freeze as an alternative of flowing by way of your downspouts. Additionally hold gutters and downspouts away from snow and icicles.

Rent a Skilled

Finally to eliminate ice dams it’s good to uncover the problem and resolve the issue.

Stopping ice dams is easy, in precept, however may be difficult to uncover the underlying causes. Your greatest guess for eradicating and stopping ice dams in your roof is to rent a Colorado roofing contractor who is aware of deal with residential and business roofing in Denver.

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